Once upon a time there was a little art gallery in Yorktown, VA. The gallery had WONDERFUL THINGS for the HOME & HAPPINESS. One day, as the FRIENDLY GROUP OF PEOPLE who tend to the gallery were doing their WINTER CLEANING they realized they had A LOT of wonderful things...perhaps, too many? Is that possible?

"But where are we going to put all of these WONDERFUL THINGS when all of the WONDERFUL THINGS come in when Spring arrives?" said one of the FRIENDLY PEOPLE who tend to the gallery..

"Let's put them up in the attic until next season", suggested one.

"How about TELLING OTHERS to come BUY these WONDERFUL THINGS from us?", said another.

"...and why not TELL PEOPLE  that we are OFFERING 50% - 70% OFF the retail price of these WONDERFUL THINGS?", cried another.

"YES! that way EVERYBODY WINS! We clear space in our little gallery for more wonderful things and all of our FRIENDS can SAVE MONEY on the WONDERFUL things for their HOME AND HAPPINESS!", exclaimed yet another.

Then, filled with glee, the FRIENDLY GROUP OF PEOPLE who tend to the little gallery all looked at each other and shouted, 

They urge you to hurry since the SALE ENDS February 28th, 2014.  Don't miss this opportunity!

Ballard says to come in and enjoy!

FINE PRINT....well, even the excited friendly group has some fine print...we really want to clean house so don't hesitate to ask any questions!
  • SALE includes IN-STORE, IN-STOCK items ONLY.
  • SALE extends to online purchases, phone purchases  - if an item is ordered online and it is NOT in-stock, your credit card will NOT be charged.
  • 50% OFF SELECTED NANCY THOMAS ITEMS ...yes! - Metal-bound prints, Wood framed prints, Sculpture, Wine.
  • NOTE: 24x24, 20x27 prints may be ordered if not in the gallery.
  • 70% OFF ALL outside items, NON-Nancy Thomas items, SELECT ORIGINAL ART, Christmas items, decorative items, display pieces.
  • SALE EXCLUDES - original Nancy Thomas paintings, antiques. CREATE YOUR OWN PRINT


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