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Once upon a time there was a little art gallery in Yorktown, VA. The gallery had WONDERFUL THINGS for the HOME & HAPPINESS . One day, as the FRIENDLY GROUP OF PEOPLE who tend to the gallery were doing their WINTER CLEANING they realized they had A LOT of wonderful things...perhaps, too many? Is that possible? "But where are we going to put all of these WONDERFUL THINGS when all of the WONDERFUL THINGS come in when Spring arrives?" said one of the FRIENDLY PEOPLE who tend to the gallery.. "Let's put them up in the attic until next season", suggested one. "How about TELLING OTHERS to come BUY these WONDERFUL THINGS from us?", said another. "...and why not TELL PEOPLE  that we are OFFERING 50% - 70% OFF the retail price of these WONDERFUL THINGS ?", cried another. " YES! that way EVERYBODY WINS! We clear space in our little gallery for more wonderful things and all of our FRIENDS can SAVE MONE Y on the WONDERFUL

And it begins....

Happy New Year Everyone! HAPPENING RIGHT NOW, in the galleries...brick and mortar and our online gallery... ALL CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY RELATED ITEMS ARE 50% OFF! Have you been wanting a certain something but were too busy buying for others? Well, now is the time to TREAT YOURSELF! We are clearing out space for the exciting NEW YEAR we have planned! This sale will be in the Yorktown Gallery and Online and applies to IN-STOCK items only. MANY of these items will be RETIRED soon. They will be put in the vault and we don't know when, or if, they will be shown again. The IN-STOCK quantities are all that remain! Come on in and see what we have.  We think you'll be pleased that you did. Here's a list of what's in the  Yorktown Gallery  RIGHT NOW! 301 Ballard St in Historic Yorktown, VA or call 757-898-0738 NANCY THOMAS PRINTS – WOOD FRAME QTY NANCY