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SPECIAL PRICING ON MONTH SETS CONTINUES THROUGH NOVEMBER 10th!! We have a great special for the final week in October! How long have you been admiring the  Nancy Thomas Months Prints? Well, the time has come for you to own a complete set! There's the charming Children's Series ! A wonderful addition to a nursery or child's room. The Floral Series! - let your inner horticulturist blossom! And of course, the classic and timeless, Original Series! October 28th through November 1st,  we are taking $200 off the regular retail price for any complete set of 8x8 wood-framed month prints and $100 off the regular retail price  for any complete set of 5x5 wood-framed month prints! Now, let's do some math... 8x8 wooden framed month prints regular retail $65  x 12 = $780. Take $200 off...  Complete set now $580. 5x5 wooden framed month prints  regular retail $45  x 12 = $540 Take $100 off... Complete set now $440. A complete set of Nancy Thoma


Welcome to the Nancy Thomas Gallery!  The Nancy Thomas Gallery in Historic Yorktown, VA We love the changing seasons! And especially Autumn... Welcome! Come on in! Clock from NT originals-LIMITED - ONLY 5 of each made. (ORIGINALS SOLD) We relish the vibrant colors and crisp air!  Ahhh...sit back, take a deep breath! Take it all in...vivid oranges, rich browns, deep purples, mustard yellows, olive greens, striking reds! Feel the earthy energy as you savor a little repose between "back to school" and the...*gulp*...holidays! Pumpkin Gatherer Angel  woooo....ghosties, witches and Dracula! Nancy Thomas candelabras with changeable toppers! Set a perfect table every season! Halloween Notecards...Beware Vampire Cat! CAT GAMES - Backgammon, Pinwheel, Checkers, Chinese Checkers - Collect All Four! Meow! Geese! Hand-quilted pillows and MORE! visit Lumina P

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Following in her mother's footsteps, Nancy's daughter Hunter, was invited to create a painting to represent the 2013 Stockley Gardens Fall Arts Festival! The Stockley Gardens Art Festival is one of the finest, most well-established art shows in the country and this year it will be getting an infusion of something quite unique - Girl Power! Hope House Foundation and Veer Magazine have partnered to present Girls Rock! The mission is to showcase the Southeastern region's talented women musicians. This is where Hunter got the inspiration for her painting called "The Fan." We encourage all art lovers to attend the festival, however, if you are unable to, the signed 16x20 poster will be available at our Yorktown Gallery (after 10/21) and at our online Gallery ! Hunter will be available at the festival on Saturday October 19th, throughout the day, to sign your poster! Proceeds from the Stockley Gardens Art Festival go to Hope House Foundation bas


All things Autumn at The Nancy Thomas Gallery! Visit both of our gallery locations! Brick and Mortar  in Historic Yorktown, Viginia 301 Ballard St 877-645-0601 and  Worldwide @ 800-939-4278

COLUMBUS DAY 1492! Here comes the history lesson...

Image So today is COLUMBUS DAY.... Remember..."In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue." ? Here's a quiz for you: What did Columbus and his crew sail on? The Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.... And what were they? They were...SHIPS! Now let's think for a moment... Ships...Shipping...FREE SHIPPING! Have you put this all together yet? Let us help you...TODAY, The Nancy Thomas Gallery is offering FREE SHIPPING on all of your orders! Just enter discount code 1492 at check out...that's 1492....get it? So here's your homework assignment. Go to Shop to hearts content. Place order using discount code 1492 at check out and discover YOUR OWN NEW LAND!! Well...maybe you'll just be getting a jump on your holiday shopping...but who knows, one day there might be a holiday named after you! Giving Nancy Thomas art as a gift has been known to make one a national hero!


Boo! 8x8 print mounted on wood BOO! Did we startle you? Nancy once again has captured the spirit of Halloween and the Fall Season as only Nancy can! We love this spirited little trickster, popping out of a hollowed out pumpkin, jolting the black cat from it's nightly rounds. Notice the skull buttons! BOO! This adorable 8x8 print from Nancy's original painting is mounted on wood with painted-by-hand metal topper. We are offering this to you  at the shocking price of  $45! (regular retail $65.) We don't mean to make you jump but there are only 28 available !! This a limited edition and once they are gone, this print will go into our retired art vault. We don't know if the little sprite will ever pop up again. Please get this while you can...don't get caught unawares... Available at both of our galleries. Brick and Mortar Historic Yorktown Virginia 301 Balla