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TODAY, AUGUST 31st, IS THE FINAL DAY OF OUR BIRTHDAY EVENT!! 8/30/13 Well, today and tomorrow are the final days of our month-long birthday celebration! Only two more days to get Nancy's beautiful prints from original paintings at the birthday price! 24x24 and 20x27 for $75! Better than ice-cream and cake! But  here at the Nancy Thomas Gallery,  we want the fun to continue, so we thought now would be a good time to remind you about our wonderful Yorktown Gallery! Come visit us as we say goodbye to summer and hello to the new season! Tom and the staff have redecorated again! First we will do a bit of Autumn cleaning... Right now, we are featuring select wines for up to 75% off!  A satisfied customer writes,  Dear Nancy, Hunter and Anita, Just wanted to let you know we purchased a bottle of Boom Boom Syrah 2009 (Washington State)—absolutely outstanding and delicious.  We also purchased the Nero D’Avola Sicilia Apalos 2009—another great wi

The Party Ain't Over, People!...(ahem...isn't over, that is.)

The Nancy Thomas Month-Long Birthday Bash continues! ...however we are in the coffee and digestifs phase of the party.... There are only 5 more days to own a 24x24 or 20x27 print from Nancy's original paintings at the celebratory price of $75!  Did you know? Nancy is a bird lover and that shows in much of her art... One of our favourites is a fairly new collection we affectionately call  BIRDS TALK! The 11x14 prints depict individual birds on a branch placed over a written bird resume.  In the bird's own words he will describe to you his unique traits. BIRDS TALK at Goldfinch 11x14 $75 (reg. $110) The Goldfinch  begins with, "Let me be the first to thank you humans for the fields and meadows where we goldfinches like to congregate..." Cardinal 11x14 $75. (reg. $110) The Cardinal  boasts, "Robust is what they call me, and they are right..." Indigo Bunt


THIS POP-UP SALE HAS ENDED!   visit for more Birthday Specials and Surprises!   Well-Seasoned Greetings! We're not quite through August yet, which means we're still celebrating Nancy's birthday month with ongoing specials on selected 24"x24" and 20"x27" works.  And we're keeping the birthday candle's flame aglow with another  Pop-Up Sale! Nancy's Season Angels series! Set of FOUR angels for the price of 3 - $195. (reg.retail $260) Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn fly in on angel wings, in this whimsical grouping of four. These framed prints from original paintings are mounted on 8x8 wood with hand-painted metal toppers. They're ordinarily available for $65 each, but during our Pop-Up Sale , you can get the set of four for just $195! Already own one or two and want to complete your set? Go in with a friend! This is a great deal! Shop online  -  www.nancythom

Birthday Log - Stardate

The  BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION CONTINUES! *** NEW IN THE GALLERY *** WHAT TIME IS IT? Time for your to get a clock.... New from Nancy and her Design Team ~ Enchanting One-of-a-Kind Wall Clocks!  Painted by hand and ready for hanging, only one of each of these will be made.  Hickory Dickory Clock! (aprx 11x17) $145. *SOLD* Squirrel Squash - (aprx 10x13) $125. *SOLD* Bittersweet Yarn - (arpx 8x10) $95. *SOLD* Angel Cloud Time - (arpx 5x5) $65 **SOLD** Time to Crown Your Love - (aprx 10x12) $125. **SOLD!** WATERMELON ANYONE? Nancy Thomas collector essentials... Nancy Thomas Watermelons - Melon Slice Bees - (aprx 18x19.5) $125. Melon Slice Crow - (aprx 15x10.5) $75 BIRTHDAY PRESENTS CONTINUE! We are featuring Nancy's 20x27 tavern sign size for $75. each! (regular retail $350) Prints from original painting


UPDATE - THE 11x14 SIZE CAKES ARE COMPLETELY SOLD OUT! WOW! August is Nancy's birthday month and we're celebrating all month long! And what would a birthday be without cake? Today's POP-UP Special is on Nancy's Cake Series! 7x10 or 11x14 each $42.50! (Regular retail $85 and $110) Cake doesn't last forever and neither will this special. Get your piece of cake while it lasts. Enter discount code BIRTHDAY CAKE at check out for an added surprise! SWEET TWEETS! SWEET VIOLETS ANGELCAKE FRUITCAKE HONEYBEE CAKE Cake prints are mounted on wood frame with metal topper.   Once we are out of the existing stock, the 11x14 cake print will be retired.   Images closely represent finished art but the toppers may vary depending on what the chef is cooking! Whichever topper you receive you may be assured it was hand-picked with love and care! BIRTHDAY CAKE discount code offer good for online shopping only. Collect all five so you


AUGUST IS NANCY'S BIRTHDAY MONTH! ...and in honor of Leo's everywhere we are celebrating! Every week in August we will be featuring special "birthday prices" on select pieces! In addition, stay tuned for pop-up sales that could surprise you at any moment! Let's get this party started! Nancy's wonderful prints from original paintings will be available in the 24x24 size for $75!  (That's a $195. savings!)    "WHAT?!" you say, "How can that be??" We know it sounds too good to be true, but this year we want to celebrate big and we can't think of a better way to honor the birthday girl then to pass the good cheer on to our customers and loyal Nancy Thomas fans! The 24x24 size are mounted on a metal-bound frame and make any room come alive! See our online shopping cart for the wide variety of choices available to you! This is the time to get that print you've had your eye on for some time... Imagine get