Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nancy Thomas Gallery Closing DUE TO HURRICANE SANDY

The Nancy Thomas Gallery - Yorktown location and Headquarters will be closed today and tomorrow due to Hurricane Sandy.

The Merchant's Square Gallery location closing is TBD. We will update you as soon as we know! 
(see this blog or facebook page)

Please feel free to email for gallery questions or for all other concerns.
You may also leave a message at 757.898.3665 
 (providing we have power, someone will respond as quickly as possible)
If you have an emergency you may call 757.373.3974.  Someone will return your call as quickly as possible!
To all of our friends and family on the East Coast ~ Be Safe and we'll see you on the other side!
To all of our friends around the rest of the country ~See you on the innerwebs! 

To all - our new shopping cart is almost online! Stay Tuned for your private preview invitation!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Autumn is here!

It's not summer, but it's not quite the holiday season...the time of year when mischief is in the air....

Nancy is known for her angels but at this time of year she has been known to pull a rascally prank or two...however...we would not TRICK you on this...
The manager's at the NANCY THOMAS GALLERY want to remind you that you have 

But move fast....many pieces have already been SPOOKEN for....

"The Little Devils" 5x5 -garlic, bat or pumpkin topper..let us surprise you! $19.95 (regular retail $45.)
Limited Edition Framed Autumn Leaves 7x7 (WHITE FRAME ONLY -  2 left) $19.95 (regular retail $45)
"The Little Devils"-print from Nancy's Original Children's Series- 8x8 NO TOPPER $29.95 (regular retail $85)

8x8 Autumn - SOLD OUT!
5x5 The Grey Hotel - SOLD OUT!

Call one of our gallery locations. Someone will be happy to assist you!
Historic Yorktown

Merchant Square-Colonial Williamsburg

or email

you knew there would be some fine print with this offer, right?
In-Store, In-Stock Only - All sales are final and no other discounts apply. We are excited to offer you these October Manager's Specials!  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

CELEBRATE YORKTOWN DAY~With a Revolutionary Manager's Special!

It was on this day that British General Charles Cornwallis surrendered to Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, George Washington. The British troops marched up Surrender Road to a big field and laid down their arms. Some cursed, some cried, but for the soon-to-be-called "Americans", the victory was sweet!
This event effectively ended the Revolutionary War, and gave us our Freedom!

Every year, the people of Yorktown remember this important day in history with a celebration.

Having lived in and been inspired by the town of York, for over 45 years, Nancy Thomas could not have been a more perfect artist to have been commissioned by The Yorktown Day Committee to create the OFFICIAL Yorktown Day Celebration POSTER, for 5 years in a row!

In this election year, and always, we at The Nancy Thomas Gallery encourage American's to reflect on our roots of freedom...

Friday, October 19th through Monday, October  22nd, 
we offer to ALL PATRIOTS, 
Nancy's Yorktown Day posters,
 mounted on wooden frames, ready to display with pride,
at the revolutionary price of $45! (regular retail $95)

Choose your favorite, or DECLARE YOUR RIGHT to OWN ALL FIVE!  
At this price, YOU'RE FREE to do so!
(had to say that..just had to...)

You knew there would be fine print with this special, right?
This is a limited time, IN-STORE, IN-STOCK offer.
All sales are final and no other discounts apply.
We are happy to offer this special to you!


People of Vision 11x14 Special price $45 (regular retail $95)

Yorktown: Rooted in History 11x14 Special price $45 (regular retail $95)

Victory at Yorktown 11x14 Special price $45. (regular retail $95)

Jamestown to Yorktown: A Journey to Remember 11x14 Special Price $45 (regular retail $95.)

Washington/Rochambeau Revolutionary Route 11x14 Special Price $45. (regular retail $95)

Call or visit one of the gallery locations: 
Historic Yorktown

Merchant's Square-Colonial Williamsburg



Monday, October 8, 2012

What is it about October? (TAKE TWO)

Editor's Note: In keeping with spooky-ness in the air, it appears a little gremlin may have hacked our blog...we are re-sending this post for those of you who may have had trouble reading the original..but do not be AFRAID, there's still plenty of time to take advantage of the October Manager's Special!

As we shift into the last quarter of the year, beginning with the Autumn months, our sights begin to veer from summer's hot pinks, sky blues and sandy beach yellows, to winter's snowflake whites, Santa suit reds and pine greens.

It's that exciting "in-between" time when we embrace the spunky colour palette of PUMPKIN orange, BLAZE red, GOBLIN green and royal PURPLE!

Autumn's turning leaves, and crispy air make us feel a little...well...mischievous... 

Nancy is known for her angels but this time of year she likes to don a costume and celebrate the impish capers only this month allows...mwah-ha-ha-haaa...

The NANCY THOMAS GALLERY invites YOU to celebrate the "little devil" in all of us with our October Manager's Specials!

~"The Little Devils" - print from Nancy's original children's series painting, each with it's own unique topper; a garlic clove, a bat, a pumpkin...let us surprise you!
8x8 $29.95
5x5 $19.95

Little Devils from Nancy's Children's Series
Autumn 7x7 framed print with leaves blown from the wind.
Autumn 8x8 with metal fronter.

The Grey Hotel - 5x5 - You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave..
~Autumn Print 8x8 metal-bound with Autumn fronter. $29.95

~Limited Edition Framed Autumn print with two turning leaves..they land where the wind blows them...
7x7 $19.95

~The Grey Hotel - print from Nancy's original painting...each with it's own unique topper; a garlic clove, a bat, a pumpkin...let us surprise you!
5x5 $19.95

Email or call one of our gallery locations. We are eager to assist you!

In Historic Yorktown
M-S 10am to 5pm
Sun 12pm to 5pm

In Merchants Square - Colonial Williamsburg
M-S 10am to 5:30pm
Sun 12pm to 5pm

Izzy and Ballard say "Boo"!

You knew there would be some fine print with this offer, right?
In-Store, In-Stock, Only – All sales are final and no other discounts apply.
We are excited to offer these October Manager’s Special to you!

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