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Presidents Day! These Men Had Vision!

Happy Presidents Day! What a heavy burden these men carry...Left, Right, it doesn't matter....Nancy wants us to honour ALL of the men who have held the high office of PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! So, in celebration of Presidents Day, The Nancy Thomas Gallery would like to offer this limited edition special pairing... ~Nancy Thomas' print from original painting "Men of Vision" - mounted on black wooden frame with a flag topper, specially signed by the artist. ~ Plus a classic Nancy Thomas Angel pin with flag All signed and dated by the artist for the honorable price of $44! (can you guess why?) As our WEB EXCLUSIVE  - we are offering only 50 of this limited edition Presidential package - (one for each state) Men of Vision - Mounted on Black Wooden Frame with Flag Topper, Signed by Nancy - Limited Edition Flag Angel Pin Nancy Thomas Angel Pins This offer is WEB EXCLUSIVE and available ONLY at www.nancythomasart.


Hello! Here are some important things that pop ped up that we thought everyone should know about! We are currently running a "WEB EXCLUSIVE" at A new take on a beautiful Nancy Thomas print, "Island Club"! We have created a limited edition of 10 only - mounted on a wooden frame and topped with a hand-painted metal bouquet of flowers! This special creation will be signed by  Nancy Thomas! Remember only 10 available at $50!  A fantastic price!   The Yorktown and Merchant's Square Galleries just received the latest delivery of Laura Thomas' Kitchen Sink Necklaces! These necklaces are an amazing sight!  All meticulously hand-crafted, piece by thoughtful piece! No t wo are ever alike! They can add pizazz to your every day clothing  or "WOW" up your evening wear! Look at the details!  Everything but the kitchen sink! Amazing and amazingly priced at $85.  Ju st $85. for hand-made, one-of-a-