Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Following in her mother's footsteps, Nancy's daughter Hunter, was invited to create a painting to represent the 2013 Stockley Gardens Fall Arts Festival!

The Stockley Gardens Art Festival is one of the finest, most well-established art shows in the country and this year it will be getting an infusion of something quite unique - Girl Power!

Hope House Foundation and Veer Magazine have partnered to present Girls Rock! The mission is to showcase the Southeastern region's talented women musicians. This is where Hunter got the inspiration for her painting called "The Fan."

We encourage all art lovers to attend the festival, however, if you are unable to, the signed 16x20 poster will be available at our Yorktown Gallery (after 10/21) and at our online Gallery!

Hunter will be available at the festival on Saturday October 19th, throughout the day, to sign your poster!

Proceeds from the Stockley Gardens Art Festival go to Hope House Foundation based in Norfolk, VA.
To learn more about Hope House, visit their website at

Visit the Fall Stockley Gardens Arts Festival website for more details.

 (poster size 16x20)


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