COLUMBUS DAY 1492! Here comes the history lesson...

So today is COLUMBUS DAY....
Remember..."In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue." ?

Here's a quiz for you:
What did Columbus and his crew sail on?
The Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria....

And what were they?
They were...SHIPS!

Now let's think for a moment...
Ships...Shipping...FREE SHIPPING!

Have you put this all together yet?

Let us help you...TODAY, The Nancy Thomas Gallery is offering FREE SHIPPING on all of your orders!

Just enter discount code 1492 at check out...that's 1492....get it?

So here's your homework assignment.

Go to
Shop to hearts content.
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Well...maybe you'll just be getting a jump on your holiday shopping...but who knows, one day there might be a holiday named after you! Giving Nancy Thomas art as a gift has been known to make one a national hero!

FINE PRINT...of course...
Free shipping to the contiguous United sorry Alaska and Hawaii...we're working on it...really!
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Free shipping using discount code 1492 at check out.
It is understood that the Vikings may have hit the Americas long before Christopher Columbus.


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