The Party Ain't Over, People!...(ahem...isn't over, that is.)

The Nancy Thomas Month-Long Birthday Bash continues!

...however we are in the coffee and digestifs phase of the party....

There are only 5 more days to own a 24x24 or 20x27 print from Nancy's original paintings at the celebratory price of $75! 

Did you know?

Nancy is a bird lover and that shows in much of her art...

One of our favourites is a fairly new collection we affectionately call 

The 11x14 prints depict individual birds on a branch placed over a written bird resume.  In the bird's own words he will describe to you his unique traits.


Goldfinch 11x14 $75 (reg. $110)
The Goldfinch begins with, "Let me be the first to thank you humans for the fields and meadows where we goldfinches like to congregate..."

Cardinal 11x14 $75. (reg. $110)
The Cardinal boasts, "Robust is what they call me, and they are right..."

Indigo Bunting 11x14 $75. (reg $110)
The Indigo Bunting peeps, "We are blue in the summer and brown in the winter..."

The Northern Flicker declares, "Basically we are a woodpecker..."

Northern Flicker 1x14 $75. (reg $110)

At any other time, these winged friends retail for $110. each, but are priced as part of our month-long BIRDday celebration at $75. each. 
( we detect a theme here?)

Join the flocks who are showing off their inner ornithologist by collecting all four!
(we suspect Nancy will be hatching new chicks to add to this fine covey)

So, fly into our Historic Yorktown Gallery or order online at to feather your nest with these eggceptional prints from our favourite bird, Nancy Thomas!

Somebody stop me! I've had too much birthday cake!


The Nancy Thomas Gallery
301 Ballard St
Yorktown, VA


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