Only 10 More Days for the August Manager's Special!

August and November from the Original Series
There are only 10 more days left in August!
...Only 10 more days for our August Manager’s Special!
...Only 10 more days to own one of Nancy’s famous prints in the impressive 24x24 size at the impressive price of $100!

YES! You read that right...but only for 10 more days! 

Don't miss this opportunity! Kick off your holiday shopping in large style!

We have a variety of Nancy’s prints from original paintings, in the impressive 24x24 size, with and without a topper!

Bittersweet and October Mask

Colorado from the States Series

December Childrens Series

February Original Series
January Children Series

June Original Series and Good Hopes
January Toasting Original Series

November Original Series

Here's a sample of what we have - 24x24's in stock, in store
Jan. Toasting Original Series - no topper
Jan. Ballet Children's Series - no topper 
Feb. Original Series - no topper
June Wedding Original Series - topper
July Original Series - topper 
Aug. Original Series-topper
Sept. Floral Series - topper -SOLD!
Oct. Mask Original Series - topper
Nov. Original Series - topper
Nov. Children Series
Dec. Snowangel Children Series - no topper
Pooh Bah of Pudding - no topper
Vanilla - no topper
All That You Are - topper -SOLD!
The Waiting - topper
Bittersweet - no topper
Good Hopes - topper -SOLD!
Flowers & Rabbits - no topper
Opus 1 - no topper
Garden Angel - topper
Winter Santa - topper
Bird Tree - topper -SOLD!
January -Floral-SOLD!
Garden angel -SOLD!
Angel on Cloud -SOLD!
Angel w/ Harp -SOLD!
Opus 2 -SOLD!
Barnagat Light (ONLY 2 LEFT)
The Waiting - SOLD!
Turkey -SOLD!
Thank you
Angel on Cloud
Uptown Santa
Dec. Snowman
Santa Series

Email or call one of our gallery locations. We are excited to assist you!

You knew there would be some fine print with this offer, right?
In-Store, In-Stock, Only – All sales are final and no other discounts apply.
But at this price we are still excited to offer this August Manager’s Special...but for only 10 more days!
Viceroy of Vanilla from The Alphabet of Sweets Series

July Original Series

Opus 2

Ballard says, "I do all my gift shopping at the Nancy Thomas Gallery, don't you?"

January Floral Series - SOLD!

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