New! From Nancy Thomas and her design team!

The latest creation from Nancy Thomas,
these unusual bathing beauty trays are each 

May we introduce, Esther and Lily...

 They'd be delighted to assist you...

Each bathing beauty measures (aprx.) 19" long by 9"wide by 44" high, including the base.
Both are completely made by hand, from beginning to completion.

The beauties themselves are hand-cut wood, painted-by-hand and are wearing bathing caps adorned with flowers...
Each flower is created by hand, out of polymer clay then painted and attached with care, one by one!
The bases are also hand-painted and textured with real ocean sand and include a mix of painted and hand-crafted polymer clay shells that look like they were taken right off the beach!

Esther and Lily each hold a small tray measuring (aprx.) 5.5"x9" that is able to hold one bottle of your favorite beverage.
They also suggest holding for you, either a glass of wine or ice tea, your MP3 player or kindle, your summer paperback, your suntan lotion, your towel or whatever you need assistance with!

Perfect poolside, or for docks, dining areas, rec rooms, garden rooms or anywhere you need a place to put your stuff! 
These are the only two available! 

Created with attention to detail, imagination and love by Nancy Thomas! We are happy to offer them to you at the very reasonable price of $395. each.

Available right now in our Yorktown Gallery!
301 Ballard Street
Yorktown, VA.

Call 757-898-3665 for shipping details.


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