Hello All!

Get out and about this weekend! Come visit the Nancy Thomas Gallery!

Three locations!
  • Historic Yorktown ~ 301 Ballard St

  •  Merchant's Square - Colonial Williamsburg ~ 407 W. Duke of Gloucester St 

  • A quaint little location in cyber space @ www.nancythomasart.com

Our Garden Party of Surprises is still up! Our guest artists have created inspired pieces to enhance your home and wardrobe!

Our Williamsburg store may be small but it's HUGE in beauty and must-haves!

Spring at the Gallery!

Nancy's New Flowers!

Nancy's New Flowers - they grew so tall!
The vases are perfect for the new cut flowers!

Come on in!

Cement Chair by Diane Husson

Personalities by e.l. myers - these are available online too!

B.J. Elvgren - extraordinary textile artist

Vivian Driskill - Stunning jewelry

Noreen Dobratz - Clothing Designer
Laura Thomas - Jewelry - Did you know each Kitchen Sink Necklace has a secret hidden message?

You simply must see these beautiful pieces close up! The attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and passion that each piece embodies is best enjoyed "in person"!

Crazy Quilt - Very Rare!
Nancy Thomas Garden Bench with interchangeable toppers!

Nancy has always been a patriot!  
These new figures represent all branches of our military and can be hung on the wall or stood on a flag base
Choose male or female, blond, brunette or red head, and of course, any shade of American!

Makes a great memorial day presentation!

aprx 21" tall base is 11.5"x 7"

Memorial Day is coming soon!

We love flowers!

And we love wine! Come see our new selection of seasonal wines!

Not in Virginia? Visit our Web Gallery @ www.nancythomasart.com
We are having a web exclusive sale of Nancy Thomas 24x24 prints! $125.00! What?! Yes!
(not available at this price in the galleries!)
Print from Original Nancy Thomas painting mounted on metal-bound 24x24 frame. Makes a great statement! 
Limited Quantities ~ First Come, First Served!

Here's a sample - the number is how many we have left...and that is ALL!
September O/S -  1
May O/S - 5
Thank You #2 - 3
Barnegat Light - 3
January Nutcracker - 7
November O/S - 5
Angel on a Cloud – 5
January Toast – 2
October O/S (fox) – 6
August Lion – 7
Winter O/S Santa – 1
King of Kiwi Fruit – 1
Queen of Quince – 2
Angel of Anglaise – 1
Father of Fudge – 1
Viceroy of Vanilla – 2
Warlord of Whipped Cream – 1
Yogi of Yogurt – 1
Zombie of Zabaglione – 2
Emperor of Espresso - 1

So let's review...

Merchant's Square - COME ON IN!
Merchant's Square - small store, big experience!

When you're our enjoying the weekend, be sure to include a visit to the Nancy Thomas Gallery!

Historic Yorktown - 757.898.0738
Merchant's Square - 757.259.1938
Cyber Space - www.nancythomasart.com

Oh and don't forget Facebook! 

Nancy Thomas Gallery ~ art! ~ wine! ~ surprises!


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