Can you feel it? Well...we can't really either yet, but SPRING IS COMING! 
And even though we can't quite feel it outside, we are going to start prepping our gallery and grounds for its arrival! We think you could too!

First up - a bright and kicky print from Nancy's design team - the spring apple is framed in a 21x21 black and white checked signature Nancy Thomas frame. This print will instantly SPRING UP any room! We have 10 available at the special spring price of $85 which INCLUDES SHIPPING!

see www.nancythomasart.com for details and discount code!

21x21 framed apple print - $85 INCLUDES SHIPPING - discount code needed

Also available are Nancy's new BIRD'S TALK! 
There are currently four in the series - 

The Cardinal
The Goldfinch
The Indigo Bunting
The Northern Flicker

Mounted on 11x14 wooden frames - these birds will tell you all about themselves!

And Spring is a great time to start your collection of 
Nancy Thomas month prints - 
available in 8x8 or 5x5

Now for the outside ~ 
We are getting the Nancy Thomas birdhouses ready for sale! 
This year Nancy has re-designed her Condo Birdhouse! 
These precious living quarters will be available in the galleries by the end of the week!

Condo Birdhouse with four birds on top! $175.
Condo Birdhouse," Adorable detail! 

Condo Birdhouse aprx 20x8 $175.

Please enjoy our short little video 
starring our 
"Gallery Go-To Man", Johnny!

Nancy Thomas Gallery - Two Locations
Historic Yorktown Virginia

Merchant's Square - Colonial Williamsburg


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