We have news! After many years, we are relocating our CORPORTE OFFICES and HEADQUARTERS. (not the shops...they are staying put)

While we are excited that we are relocating to a nice, new, shiny, gleaming building, we also realize we have to....well, move.

Who reading this, has ever moved? Show of hands?

The thrill and excitement about the new place can be a little overshadowed while in the actual process of moving.
The packing, the lugging, the sorting, the shlepping...ugh...

And when you've been in a place as long as we have, there are bound to be many items tucked away, long forgotten...
"Oh, THERE'S that allen wrench!"
It's exciting and daunting at the same time. 

So what does this announcement mean for you, you ask? 
Well, in our desire to lessen our load for the move, YOU will benefit greatly!

And we've decided to make a game out of it. 
We're calling it "Look What We Found!"

Here's how we'll play:
As we go through each room preparing to pack, we will take many of the pieces we find and offer them to you at super reduced prices...I mean, "we don't want to have to pack another thing" prices.
Keep posted to this blog and Facebook for these announcements.
We have no idea what we'll find but we think it's going to be a lot of fun!! 
And to get the game started...


8x8 Nancy Thomas Dog Series prints! 
We are offering them to you at $35. each! 
That includes personalized prints!
(regular retail $70.)

These are prints from original paintings. The 8x8 doggies do not have a metal topper but are very nicely mounted on iron-bound wooden frames. (Pictured here and on the shopping cart are the 5x5's, but the images will be the same)
Quantities are limited and it's first come, first served until they're gone. (All "Look What We Found" sales will be final...moving, you know)

Place your order by emailing Anita@nancythomasgallery.com or calling 757.898.3665 M-F 8am to 4pm or our gallery locations at 757.898.0738 or 757.259.1938 M-S 10am-5pm or Sun 1pm-5pm

Pictured here is a 5x5. The 8x8 does not have a metal bone topper but is nicely mounted on an iron-bound wooden frame!

Pictured here is a 5x5. The 8x8 does not have a metal bone topper but is nicely mounted on an iron-bound wooden frame!

We are not able to take online shopping cart orders for the 8x8, but you can view the selection of dog prints available at www.nancythomas.com (see left column "Dog Breed Series") NOTE: The dog prints on this site are 5x5 only. Please call or email to place your order for the 8x8 size at the special $35 "Look What We Found" price.

Let the game begin!


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