Nancy Thomas Collectors - A One-of-a-Kind Opportunity!

On rare occasions, a Nancy Thomas Collector comes to us with a piece of Nancy's art that they must part with. We like to think of it as the piece, “coming home”. Once we have reminisced and then marveled at its journey back to Nancy, we feel it's time to let others have a chance to enjoy it and give it a new home.
We are very pleased to present a vintage Nancy Thomas, duo of sculptures...

"Sydney and The Red Shoes"

Created in the early 1980s, at a time when Nancy was experimenting with wood shavings and mixed-media. Many of the sculptures she created evoked dilettantes dressed in their finest garb, on their way to a grand event!

The detail is charming! From his purple boutonnière, to her stockings with the seams up the back,"Sydney and The Red Shoes" 
is a collector's one-of-a-kind, MUST HAVE.

Sydney –Base – 7”
Base to top of top hat - 15”

The Red Shoes –Base–7”
Base to top of perfectly coiffed hair -13”


Please call Tom at 757-898-0738 or email for inquiries.


  1. Hi
    Does Nancy mind if I pin her art into my pinterest boards to spread the word of her art and her store? I would always give prper credit to Nancy Thomas . I always ask permission before bloging and pinning about an artists work
    Kathy Griffin -KAT-


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